Oxtail soup
8,00 €

with ravioli

Cream soup of parsley
8,00 €

green and white
with scrambled egg ans smoked salmon

Corn soup
7,00 €

with Chorizo oil

Cold dishes

Mixed salad with roasted nuts
5,50 €

and vinegar-oil or french dressing

Lambs lettuce
14,00 €

with marinated Limburger cheese
appes and fig mustard dressing

15,00 €

on thin roast beef and tomato-olive-sugo

Aspioc of prime boiled beef
13,50 €

with salad Wasabi foam and potato emulsion

Main dishes

Fettuccine in white truffle sauce
18,50 €

with shaved black truffle

Tranche of sheatfish
25,00 €

with crayfishes on bouillion-vegetables-potatoes and horse raddish

Whole trout
23,00 €

on a ragout of oyster mushrooms, courgette and tomato
with polenta

25,00 €

on Serrano ham-fettuccine
with artichoke and parsley

Saltimbocca of calf
24,50 €

on mushroom ragout
with gremolata and jacked potato

Lamb shank
25,00 €

with a crust of tomato and pine nuts and ratatouille

Braised beef
19,50 €

with saffron risotto and green onions

Schnitzel from pork
18,50 €

with potao-cucmber-salad and lemon

Always a good choice

Sausage salad
8,50 €
Sausage salad
9,50 €

with cheese

Cheese spaetzle
9,80 €

with homemade roasted onions

Tarte flambée
9,50 €

with ham & leek

Mixed salad with fish nuggets
14,90 €

and remoulade sauce

Pumpkin ravioli
15,00 €

with rocket salad and tomatoes

Mixed salad with chicken breast,
14,90 €

ceasar dressing and parmesan