Beef consommé
8,00 €

with liver spaetzle (type of south German noodles) and vegetables

Corn soup
7,50 €

with popcorn and chorizo oil

Cold dishes

Mixed salad
5,50 €

with roasted nuts and vinegar-oil or french dressing

Quail breast
15,20 €

pan fried quail breast on lukewarm lentils, lamb's lettuce and truffle foam

Roast beef with cab of rump
15,20 €

aspic with potato emulsion and tomato sauce

Fine duck terrine
16,00 €

with pan fried pears, Brioche bread and Cumberland sauce

Starters fish

Lobster cream soup
8,00 €

with churro of Serrano ham and Whiskey

Terrine of smoked fish
11,00 €

with salad of beetroot, salad tips and mustard-dill sauce

Carpaccio of pilgrims's scallop
12,50 €

with pomegranate and frisée salad

Main dishes fish

Fillet of trout
19,50 €

on lukewarm cucumbers with balsamic potatoes

Whole dorade royale
22,00 €

with rosemary potatoes and gremolata

Sea bass
23,50 €

on beluga lentils and caramelized tomatoes

Half lobster
24,50 €

on sage-Serrano fettuccine and lobster bisque

Fresh mussels
19,50 €

from white wine stock and sauce Rouille

Main dishes meat

Cheek of Iberico-pork
23,50 €

on pearl barley risotto, green asparagus, red cabbage and port wine sauce

Light spicy veal shank
24,00 €

slices of slightly spicy veal shank with gratin potatoes and turnips

Beef roulade
21,00 €

gently braised on topinambur-plum and bread dumplings

Always a good choice

Sausage salad
7,50 €
Sausage salad
8,20 €

with cheese

Cheese spaetzle
9,50 €

with homemade roasted onions

Tarte flambée
9,00 €

with ham & leek

Romaine lettuce with chicken breast
13,20 €

with ceasar dressing and croutons

Mixed salad
13,20 €

with fish nuggets and remoulade sauce

Pumpkn ravioli
14,50 €

with rocket salad and tomatoes