Chilled cucumber soup
7,50 €

with sour cream and pilgrim's scallop

Soup of bell peppers with chorizo
8,00 €

with crème fraîche and powan caviar

Cold dishes

Mixed salad with roasted nuts
5,50 €

and vinegar-oil or french dressing

Marinated radishes
15,00 €

with pan fried fillet of char

Beef Carpaccio
16,00 €

with parmesan cheese, pine nuts, truffle vinaigrette and baguette

16,50 €

with tomato, Tyrolean bacon, melon salsa, pesto and focaccia bread

Main dishes

Fillet of powen
26,50 €

with braised cucumbers, parmesan cheese risotto and chorizo oil

Steak of salmon with tandori
25,50 €

on spicy couscous and warm salad of chick peas and cauliflower

Pike perch
26,00 €

on chantarelle mushrooms risotto and courgette

Schnitzel of pork
18,50 €

with potato-cucumber-salad and lemon

Rump steak
25,50 €

with sweet potato french fires and courgette

Steak of veal tenderloin
25,50 €

with chantarelle mushrooms along with ravioli and carrots

Always a good choice

Sausage salad
8,50 €
Sausage salad
9,50 €

with cheese

Cheese spaetzle
9,80 €

with homemade roasted onions

Tarte flambée
9,50 €

with ham & leek

Mixed salad with fish nuggets
14,90 €

and remoulade sauce

Porcini ravioli
15,00 €

with rocket salad and tomatoes

Mixed salad with chicken breast,
14,90 €

ceasar dressing and parmesan