Chantarelles Menu


Soup of chantarelle mushrooms
8,00 €
Sautéed chantarelles
13,50 €

with lettuce served with croutons and balsamic vinegar

Main course

Tarte flambée
11,50 €

with with chantarelles, leek and ham

Chantarelle mushrooms
17,00 €

with fettuccine and cream sauce

Chantarelle mushooms with rabbit liver
18,50 €

fettuccine and cream sauce

Bread dumplings
17,00 €

with creamed chantarelle mushrooms

Steak of veal
25,50 €

with chantarelle mushrooms along with ravioli and carrots

Fillet of pike perch
26,00 €

on chantarelle risotto and courgette